BTS’ Jimin, ‘Showing of his abs’… MBC MUSIC ‘Show Champion’ [KPOP PHOTO]

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[Hannah Kang 기자] BTS appeared on MBC MUSIC ‘Show Champion’ on the evening of June 26 from UNIQLO-AX in Kwangjin-gu, Seoul.

Photo=BTS’ Jimin, Top Star News Choi Kyu Suk journalist

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BTS’ Jimin performed during the June 26 episode of MBC MUSIC ‘Show Champion’.

During this broadcast, Boys Republic, SunnyHill, Ivy, Rainbow, EXO, Lim Kim, Dalshabet, Crayon Pop, LED Apple, Henry, and BBde Girl made appearances and displayed performances on stage.

Meanwhile, f(x)’s Amber and T-ARA’s Eun Jung were the MCs for this episode and SISTAR received the ‘Champion Song’ award for their song ‘Give it to me’.