Park Jimin-Baek Yerin '15&', Confirmed as a 'talented' duet through moving practice video [KPOP]

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[Hannah Kang 기자] KPOP STAR's winner Park Jimin and SBS's Star King's girl genius of ballads Baek Yerin had their debut stage on Inkigayo as the duo 15& on October 7 and showed their matured selves and skills.
▲ Picture=15&, JYP
The day after, October 8, 15& practice video was released. In the video, Baek Yerin was casually dressed in a hot pink hat and comfortable clothing while Park Jimin was in her school uniform. The video showed the fresh and bright charms of fifteen year olds. Also, they moved the viewers with their natural ability to sing two octaves from a low note to a high one.

15&'s practice video can be viewed through 15&'s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/15andOfficial).