[HD] LADIES’ CODE’s Rise, ‘Cute pose’… MBC MUSIC ‘Show Champion’ [KPOP PHOTO]

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[Hannah Kang 기자] LADIES’ CODE’s Rise appeared on MBC MUSIC ‘Show Champion’ on September 11 at UNIQLO-AX in Kwangjin-gu, Seoul.

레이디스 코드(LADIES' CODE) 리세 / 서울, 톱스타뉴스 최규석 기자
레이디스 코드(LADIES


LADIES’ CODE’s Rise performed during the September 11 episode of MBC MUSIC ‘Show Champion’.

During this broadcast, KARA, TEEN TOP, Sunmi, ZE:A, Henry, B.A.P, BTOB, Lim Kim, LADIES’ CODE, Lady Jane, HISTORY, NC.A, Wassup, and AIRPLANE made appearances and displayed performances on stage.

Meanwhile, f(x)’s Amber and T-ara’s Eun Jung were the MCs for this episode and  TEEN TOP received the ‘Champion Song’ award for their song ‘Rocking’.