Cho Bo Ah, “’Horse Doctor’ after ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ was a gift for me” [Interview]

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[Hannah Kang 기자] Although beautiful women could seem haughty, this was not the case for Cho Bo Ah. Her doll-like features and easygoing character were extremely charming. Recently, Top Star News met with actress Cho Bo Ah, who has been busier since the conclusion of MBC Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Horse Doctor’.

Cho Bo Ah took the role of ‘Suh Eun Seo’ in Director Lee Byung Hoon’s ‘Horse Doctor’ after appearing in tvN drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’. She displayed solid acting and fresh charms as the beautiful and talented daughter-in-law of ‘Jung Sung Jo’, the first vice premier.

Photo=Cho Bo Ah, Top Star News Choi Kyu Suk journalist

“My first historical drama, it was possible because of the director and seniors.”

For rookie actress Cho Bo Ah, ‘Horse Doctor’ was a large project. It was not only her first time acting in a historical drama, but it was also the work of Director Lee Byung Hoon, ‘the master of historical dramas’, so it was more burdening. When she first received the synopsis, it was difficult for her to feel a connection the character of the young widow.

Cho Bo Ah confessed, “I had a lot of worries. I worried that I would be a nuisance or bring trouble. The character was a person from the Chosun Dynasty and there was a large age difference, but more than anything, the hardest aspect was that she was a young widow. The cold weather mixed with working on the drama for fifty episodes were burdening, but the biggest burden was grasping the character.”

In order to overcome her burdens, she focused on the direction of Director Lee Byung Hoon and worked hard to follow the flow of her seniors. She said, “On the set, our director left the judgment up to the actors and just gave a basic outline, but for me, he helped me out with my acting a lot.”

In particular, Cho Bo Ah expressed her thanks to her colleagues stating, “I worried about expressing things wrongly and being unable to work opposite of great actors like Cho Seung Woo, Lee Yo Won, and Yoo Sun. They helped me let go of my anxiousness and regarded me kindly.”

Photo=Cho Bo Ah, Top Star News Choi Kyu Suk journalist

“’Horse Doctor’ was like a gift to me.”

Cho Bo Ah first appears in ‘Horse Doctor’ as she gets enraged at ‘Baek Kwang Hyun’ (Cho Seung Woo), who stops her from committing suicide. Assessments that followed said that she was fresh and also included cold evaluation about her acting.

Cho Bo Ah honorably accepted the acting controversies that are like a rite of passage for rookie actors and said, “It was really upsetting, but I agreed with it, so I reprimanded and reflect back on myself. If I thought that I did a good job, I would have been stressed out, but there were many things I needed to fix. I wanted to come to my senses and learn a lot.”

She shared, “A large sense of frustration was left” and “I think I was really nervous. I felt too burdened about the camera techniques and situations in the drama.” She added, “I was really busy. Now that it’s over, I realized that time flew by really quickly while filming ‘Horse Doctor’.”

As she said this, she expressed ‘Horse Doctor’ as a large gift in her life that came after her debut drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’. She explained, “If I had filmed ‘Horse Doctor’ first, I would have been more scared. I had fun while filming with my peers for ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’, which made me able to take the challenge for filming ‘Horse Doctor’. It’s a project that is like a present to me in various ways.”

Photo=Cho Bo Ah, Top Star News Choi Kyu Suk journalist

“Acting, the more I do it, the more exciting it gets.”

When she was young, Cho Bo Ah had many dreams and talents. She dreamt of becoming a pianist, diplomat, announcer, and stewardess. Then, she experienced the charms of acting as a career and chose to major in acting when she entered college. Even after entering the acting department at Sung Kyun Kwan University, she did not have a clear goal. She began feeling the true excitement of acting as she signed a contract with an agency and officially began to act.

Cho Bo Ah said, “It gets more fun as I do it more. I tell myself that I have to have a good work ethic and take responsibility in my acting” and “I want to put my all into acting even if it’s a role that’s not big or fancy. It’s my dream to become an actress who is able to express any type of character in any type of project like Lim Soo Jung.”

Even her parents, who at first opposed to her choice to become an actress, now have faith in her and give her strength. She said, “Although I was cast a few times on the street, I had a lot of suspicions and my parents opposed. They have a lot of faith in me now after seeing me enter an agency and act. If I was in their position, I think I would have had a difficult time making a decision as well. I want to show them that I’m continuously advancing.”

After, Cho Bo Ah shared that she was is a fan of Yoo Seung Ho and Han Ye Seul and hopes to act with them one day. In particular, on Yoo Seung Ho, she said, “He’s good-looking and really good at acting. Although he enlisted in the army, I will work hard and prepare, so I hope the chance to work wit him will come.”

Photo=Cho Bo Ah, Top Star News Choi Kyu Suk journalist

“When working, I’m an actress, but day to day, I’m just Cho Bo Ah.”

Although she seems like she would enjoy dressing up, she enjoys being comfortable and going around with just sunscreen on. She said that people don’t really recognize her even if she rides the bus and confessed, “People have told me that I seem like a minx, but I’m not like that. I have to become more feminine. (laughter) When I’m working, I’m an actress, but I enjoy living a comfortable lifestyle when I’m not working.”

She also enjoys going to watch movies on her own. Cho Bo Ah said, “I think I watched all the movies that were recently released. When I don’t have anyone to go with, I go to the movie theater by myself. I watched ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’ three times on my own because it was so good. I took tissues with me and cried while watching it and I felt healed.”

Cho Bo Ah displayed her bright charms as a special MC for Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ alongside Kim Woo Bin for two weeks from April 4 to 11. On this, she shared, “It was something I really wanted to try out and I said that I would do it right away when the opportunity came. It felt like a dream. It was just disappointing because I was only able to do it for two weeks. I gained confidence and wanted more.”

When asked if it was nice meeting idols, she responded that there are a lot of great singers, but she only has eyes for Park Hyo Shin. Previously, she confessed that she is an avid fan of singer Park Hyo Shin on television. On this she revealed, “I was his fan since I was in middle school” and “His songs are great and he’s good looking. I personally met him when I went to his concert and it was a huge honor. If I were to choose an ideal man, it would be someone whose personality is charming.”

Photo=Cho Bo Ah, Top Star News Choi Kyu Suk journalist

Photo=Cho Bo Ah, Top Star News Choi Kyu Suk journalist

Although Cho Bo Ah began acting in her early 20’s, she is a lot more mature compared to her age. Everything she said overflowed with sincerity. In particular, when sharing about her dreams, her eyes twinkled more brightly than ever. Her desire to become an actress people are curious about was expressed through her sparkling eyes.

“As time passes, I want to show that I’ve become more mature. I’m going to continue acting until I have no strength in me and reach the limit of my physical condition. I will practice a lot and return as a more solid actress.”